RES Scheme

RES Investment Scheme

The RES Investment Scheme has been replaced by the PDS (Property Development Scheme). The basics of the RES (Real Estate Scheme) stay the same for the RES properties on resale.


This scheme was implemented as a second option (after the IRS – Integrated Resort Scheme) to open the real estate market to a wider clientele not limiting them to invest a minimum of 500 000 US Dollars


The residential developments under the RES are smaller compared to the IRS properties as the properties must be built in a minimum surface of 4 221 sqm, not exceeding 10 hectares.

There is a minimum amount of investment, around 150 000 Euros.

RES properties can be found on resale or under the VEFA (Sale in the Future State of Completion) plan on the market.


The VEFA plan in Mauritius is similar to France’s standard and guarantee.

The acquisition of a RES property amounting less that 500 000 US Dollars by a non-resident does not come with the permanent resident permit. It allows the owners to reside maximum 6 months in the island.

Someone with the intention to invest in Mauritius and visit the island only few times per year, this type of investment is ideal.

As per the law, the RES developers must set a property management and marketing services for the lots who are acquired by non-residents.

The income generated by the properties during the rental management will be taxable in Mauritius (Double tax treaties are taken into consideration). The tax policy can be very beneficial and can be considered as one of the asset during the acquisition.

This scheme is favourable for people who wish to obtain residency in Mauritius under the pension scheme (as retired persons).

On the other hand, the same scheme can provide the permanent resident permit in Mauritius as long as the investment value in the property exceeds 500 000 US Dollars.

Only one person from the family (spouse, civil registered partner) can obtain a permanent resident permit.

The spouse (wife/husband) and the children (until their 24th birthday) will benefit from a ‘Dependent’ licence.

Not all the permits come with the approval to work in Mauritius.

In this case, an application stating your intentions and modifications to be made in your permit, must be submitted to the BOI (Board of Investment).

A minimum tax of 25 000 US Dollars or 5% of the investment done will be payable to the Mauritian government for the acquisition of a RES property.