Questions and Answers

Questions and answers

 1. Is it worth investing in Mauritius Island?

Investment is Real Estate field is an important step phase that every individual will have to face in their life. For an efficacious investment, one must be well prepared in order to achieve that specific goal. The list of advantages when investing in Mauritian’s real estate is long. The seasonal rental market has bloomed in past few years which are related to the favorable tax laws. The tax laws in Mauritius have attracted a massive foreign and local investment which was encouraged by the stable structured financial system which matches closely to European markets. Ayo.World has proven itself as a qualified and renowned real estate portal in the Indian Ocean area which emphasizes more in Mauritius, Reunion, Seychelles, Mayotte and Madagascar by proposing a generous choice of projects and luxurious real  estate projects to foreign and local investors.

2. Where are the hot spots to invest in real estate in Mauritius?

If you want to acquire a property such as a house, villa, land or an apartment in Mauritius, the choice is wide. Areas for investments are as follows: Grand Bay, Pointe aux Gunners, Pereybere, Bain Boeuf, Calodyne, Balaclava, Trou aux Biches, Mont Choisy, Pointe aux Piments, Cap Malheureux, St. Antoine, Petit Raffray, Flacq, Port Louis, Pointe de Roches Noires, Highlands, Cape Bay, La Preneuse, Sodnac, Bel Ombre, Bay of the Grand Black River, Nouvelle France, Poste Lafayette, Sottise, Phoenix, Riviere du Rempart, Beau Champs, Roches Noires, Cascavelle, Tamarin,Flic en Flac, Black River or Beau Champs again.

A qualified real estate agent, also skilled as a consultant for wealth management will be a great support for foreign investors who wished to proceed with a secure property acquisition. Ayo World forms part of one of the real estate portals in Mauritius proposing new or existing developments by known professionals to foreign investors, leading to the accomplishment of your real estate dreams. Whether you wish to acquire a beachfront villa, or a land, the experts selected by our real estate portal will provide you proper assistance during your process.

3. What can interest foreign investors to acquire a commercial or an enterprise in Mauritius?

The key benefit of buying a commercial property in Mauritius is the growing local economy. The growth is between 4 to 8% on an annual basis, but beside the growth of the local economy, the Mauritian Republic is remarkably attractive to multiple offshore investments and the latter is always protected by the Mauritian government.

The reasons for this enthusiasm are numerous. Some are:

  • Double taxation treaty with 34 countries including France
  • Growing economy at an impressive speed.
  • No taxes on capital gains
  • These laws that encourage and protect the foreign investor.
  • No housing tax
  • No property tax
  • No wealth tax (ISF)- Your investment in Mauritius comes out "l’Assiette” from your ISF statement
  • No inheritance tax
  • 15% tax on companies and individuals (no double taxation)
  • No import taxes for any material or equipment for purchasers of RES or IRS real estate projects
  • Possibility of obtaining a permanent resident permit as per certain conditions
  • Stable commercial infrastructures allowing a healthy and secure competition.

Ayo World is the ideal place to find your future real estate investment in Mauritius. Whether it is a residential or commercial acquisition; beachfront property or a company to acquire, Ayo World will get you touch with the best real estate professionals of the specific region who will meet your needs according to your budget.