PDS Scheme

PDS Investment Scheme

This investment model was introduced in a third time during the last elections, it was intended to replace and recast the previous investment models (IRS and RES).


The residential complexes under this regime are smaller than the previous IRS, they must be built on a minimum of 4221 m2 and not exceed 10 hectares.


There is no minimum investment ceiling and on some projects there are apartments for which prices are around 150 000 euros.


It is possible to find on the market, goods in PDS for resale or acquire new under the model VEFA (Sale in the Future State of Completion).


The VEFA model in Mauritius meets standards and guarantees similar to those we have in France.


The purchase of a property PDS for a foreigner does not allow to obtain a residence permit in Mauritius (for an investment lower than 500.000 US Dollars), but this one can already reside 6 months maximum in the year, to Mauritius.


For a person wishing to invest in Mauritius and come there only a few times a year, this type of investment is ideal.


Promoters of PDS residences are required by law to set up a property management and marketing service in the case of a non-resident alien.


The income generated by these rentals will be taxable in Mauritius. The tax policy of Mauritius is also advantageous in this case and must be taken into account among the assets during the purchase.


This type of property is also suitable for people wishing to obtain residence in Mauritius under the pension scheme.


Some properties in PDS make it possible to obtain residence in Mauritius as long as the value of the investment in the property exceeds 500.000 US Dollars.


Only one person from a family (Married, Pacsé where benefiting from a concubinage certificate) will obtain a permanent resident permit.


The spouse and the children (until their 24th birthday) will obtain a license of "Dependent".


All of his permits do not allow work. For this purpose, you will need to make an application that will be submitted to the Board of Investment (BOI) for modification of the type of license according to your particular requests.


A minimum tax of 25,000 US Dollars or 5% of your investment will be payable to the Mauritian government, for the acquisition of a property in PDS.