Occupation Permit / Residence Permit

Occupation Permit / Residence Permit - The Occupation Permit (OP) 

The Occupation Permit (OP) is a work permit linked to a ‘residence permit’ which allows foreign nationals to live, work and live in Mauritius under three statuses, that is:

A. Permit to invest

 A non-resident may apply for a Permit Occupation (OP) as an investor provided that s/he meets one of the following conditions:

1. An initial transfer of US $ 100 000 with a commercial activity with an annual turnover of at least 2 million Mauritian rupees in the first year and a combined turnover of at least 10 million rupees in Mauritius for the next two following years.

2. An investment of a net asset value of at least US $ 100,000 and a combined turnover of MUR 12 million in the following three years, including a turnover of at least MUR 2 million during one of the three years of business activity.

3. An individual who has inherited a business in the event of a death or incapacity of the previous investor, provided that the net asset value of the enterprise is at least US $ 100,000 and a cumulative turnover of 12 million Mauritian rupees, including a turnover of at least 2 million Mauritian rupees in one year.

4. An investor, who intends to bring high-tech machinery and equipment as part of the required investment of US $ 100,000, must transfer a minimum of US $ 25,000 and the balance of US $ 75,000 in terms of machinery and high technology equipment.

5. An investor who plans to conduct research and development (R&D) projects in highly innovative sectors may apply for an Innovator Permit Occupation (IOP). The expenses on research and development (R&D) must sum up at least 20% of total operating expenses during the entire research phase. Investors eligible to apply under this new scheme must make an initial investment of US $ 40,000.

B. Professional employee

A professional must receive a monthly basic salary of more than Rs 60 000. For professionals in the ICT sector, the monthly base salary must be greater than 30,000 Mauritian rupees.

C. Professional on their own account (selfemployed)

A self-employed professional must make an initial transfer of US $ 35,000 or its foreign currency equivalent freely convertible into his bank account in Mauritius. The commercial activity must generate an annual income higher than 600,000 Mauritian Rupees during the first 2 years and 1,200,000 Mauritian Rupees from the third year. 

Resident permit

A. Foreign nationals retired, retired Permit 

Foreign nationals over the age of 50 can enjoy their retirement in Mauritius under a residence permit (PR).

This non-resident must agree to transfer to his bank account in Mauritius an initial amount of at least US $ 2,500. Following that, s/he must transfer at least 2,500 US dollars a month, up to an amount equivalent to at least US $ 30,000 per year.

B. Dependents of a holder of an OP or RP

The spouse (including the opposite-sex partner) and children, including adopted children or legally adopted children under the age of 24, may also apply for a residence permit for a period not exceeding holder the OP or RP.

D. Legal person or company who acquiring a real estate property under the IRS, RES, PDS scheme, can get a Permanent Resident Permit / Residence permit.

Foreign nationals who have acquired real estate under the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS), Real Estate Scheme (RES), Property Development Scheme (PDS) for an amount equal to or greater than USD 500,000 will be eligible for a Permanent Resident Permit/Residence Permit.

A permit will be issued for a married couple or concubine, the wife, spouse, cohabitant or concubine will benefit from a dependent permit. Children up to their 24th birthday will benefit from an addict permit.

Caution this permit does not give you the right to work, for this purpose you will have to make a specific application.

If you would like more information about work and residence permits in Mauritius, please contact us: contact@ayo.word