Medical Care & Services

Medical Care and Services in Mauritius

Whether you are a Mauritian, or a foreigner... How does the health services and the different health treatments work in Mauritius?

Public health services

The public health services are free of charge and are accessible to everyone in Mauritius. These services are applicable to Mauritian and foreigners.

Heath care and services are accessible at the five (5) regional hospitals, three (3) district hospitals, six (6) specialized hospitals and one dispensary in each locality.

Private health services

The consultations services and the private clinics are well developed and structured in the heath section of the Island.

The services by the medical professionals are personalized, with a high satisfactory quality of care that meets international standards.

Nevertheless, the prices tend to rise up quickly and that’s why foreigners prefer to get themselves insured or a health association in Mauritius or elsewhere. Not all the insurance works in the system.


· There will no be difference between your French status and being an expatriate, upon the presentation of your card. You will be instantly covered whether you are in Mauritius or in France and in all the Dom and Tom

· The rights will be respected without any delay, no quarterly if you are going through the retirement process.

· The risks that are covered by the insurance are: sickness-maternity-disability, accidents at work, occupational diseases and old age (Social Security Pension).

As per your needs and your budget, you choose to contribute in different risks scheme proposed by the insurance. This will be a step ahead to protect you.

With this service and the contribution you will be paying, at the end of certain you will receive a refund on all your medical care (conditions applies).

The biggest benefit will be to start contributing for your retirement in France, so you can enjoy your French rights too.

If in case, you need to get back to France due to some unexpected circumstances, you will always benefit from your basic rights in relation to the CPAM.

Private health Insurance

If you want a full insurance coverage during your stay, it is better to opt for a mutual health supplement with local (Mauritian) institutions such as Swan or Mauritius Union.

Most insurance companies offer coverage for the following risks: sickness-maternity-disability; accidents at work and occupational diseases. A three-month waiting period (except for emergencies) is requested by most Mauritian providers.

The insurer ensures to refund you for all your care and treatment cost in the hospitals or the clinics. The cost of this private health insurance is flexible and depends on the guarantees and planned you opted.

Nothing like the French Social Security, all refunds are covered.

Take for example; the basic package can propose you to pay only 3000 Mauritian rupees for dental services, 4000 rupees for opticians’ services, etc. per year.

Conversely, some insurance companies has signed specific agreement with a large number of medical establishments and private pharmaceutical companies, in this way the patient does not have to pay a share of the care done.

As a result, you simply have to present your membership card to received the prescribed treatment, whether being hospitalization or not.

Whichever option you choose to go for, the health coverage is important for treatment in private facilities in Mauritius.