IRS Scheme

IRS Integrated Resort Scheme

This IRS investment scheme is no longer in use and has been taken over by the PDS (Property Development Scheme). The basics of the IRS (Integrated Resort Scheme) stay with the properties that are actually on resale because the laws are not conflicting.


This type of real estate investment in Mauritius is to acquire high-end luxurious villa, apartment, or loft with international standards, extending over a minimum land area of 10 hectares.

The acquisition of a property under this type of investment scheme must be a minimum of 500 000 US dollars.

Taking into consideration the inflation graph over the last five years in Mauritius, it is nearly impossible to find an IRS property at this price.

Normally, the IRS real estate projects are estimated around 800 00 euros and rise up to 7 million euros and more.

This scheme allows the buyer and his family members to benefit from a resident permit (children until their 24th birthday). It is valid as long as the buyer remains the owner of the property.

This residence even allows you to go for the habitation tax in Mauritius, benefiting from the decent tax policies.

Only one person from the family (spouse, or registered civil partner) can obtain a permanent resident permit.  The spouse and the children (until their 24th birthday) will benefit from the ‘Dependent’ license.

Not all the permits provide the facility to work. Taking into consideration your future plans, you need to make an application that will submit to the Board of Investment (BOI) for modification of the nature of the license.

Normally, these residential developments are built within a golf course, marinas or wooden parks and tend to offer multiple top-notch services”:

  • Restaurants
  • Cleaning services
  • Spa
  • Security and gardening for 24/7
  • Concierge Service
  • Golf
  • Marina
  • Variety of other services

The potential persons who are likely to invest in this type of scheme are mostly non-residents with a high purchasing power. They are ready to invest overseas in secure conditions and/or to own a property in Mauritius in a nice setting.

IRS properties on resale or under the plan VEGA (Sale in the Future State Completion) can be found on the real estate market.

The VEFA plan in Mauritius is similar to the France’s standards and guarantees.

In most of the IRS development, a rental management is set up for better management of the property and allowing the property to be rented to generate income over certain periods (if the owners does not stay back).

In the acquisition of an IRS property, a tax of 70 000 US Dollars or 5% of the investment whichever is higher will be payable to the Mauritius government.