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Mauritius is known as the paradise island swimming in the Indian Ocean located in the Mascarene archipelago, also called vanilla islands. To be more precisely, it can easily found in South-East Africa near Madagascar, Seychelles, Mayotte and Reunion.

In Mauritius Island, the sandy beaches are surrounded by coral reefs and tropical forests which became the norm. 

Most of the locals speak in French and English, hence making it a favorite tourist destination for French and English speaking travelers.

The Mauritian population is a harmonious population originated from different countries, cultures and religions.

You can come across Europeans, Indians, Africans and Chinese. All the major religions and cultures are presented in the Island.

This democratic republic, under British mandate (Commonwealth), benefits from a stable and effective Anglo - Saxon administration since the beginning of its independence.

Mauritius Island benefits from a healthy, stable economy and it keeps on growing. Its economy is mainly based on finance, luxury tourism and the export of quality sugarcane.

This exotic island is attracting more tourists but also, investment from Europeans, Africans and Indians. The residents from French, Germany, Italy and the South African Republic are seen to settle here because of its unique setting, its possibilities and solution for economic offshore stimulated by a very low tax rate for residents.

- The growth of luxurious Real Estate in Mauritius

A luxurious lifestyle, which has nothing to envy to other destinations such as Costa Rica, Portugal or Reunion Island with its pleasant climate throughout the year and the environment is favorable to the business.

These factors have enabled Mauritius to become a favorable destination for French nationalities and expatriate who are in search of a pleasant living environment and tax solutions.

The investment schemes created by the Mauritian government are mostly to target foreigners which are going through a huge success among the investors.

Indeed, the apartment and villas acquired under the schemes of IRS/RES/PDS (Integrated Resort Scheme / Real Estate Scheme / Property Development Scheme) allows to obtain the Permanent Resident Permit in Mauritius.

The intention of the Mauritian government is to open to foreign investments whether they are from Europe, Africa, America, or India to draw the largest number of investors including a few of them who may be interested in obtaining permanent residence on the island.

There’s a rise in”Wealth management consulting” that are shifting to Mauritius to satisfy to this growing demand, offering a reliable service for those who want to buy property on the island.

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Mauritius offers a wide choice of villas and luxury apartments on exceptional sites from the northern region to the south, passing by the east and west. You can come across cities like Grand Gaube, Calodyne, Roche Noires, Grand Bay, Pereybere, Pointe aux Canonniers, Mont Choisy, Trou aux Biches, Balaclava in the north, Tamarin, Black River in the west and in the south, the Morne and beautiful shadow ... all at affordable prices.

These luxury apartments and villas of type IRS / RES / PDS are built with the most modern and contemporary design and are designed by internationally recognized experienced architects.

- High-class Projects, Unique Services and Facilities

Foreign investors as well as members of the Mauritian diaspora who wants invest in Mauritian’s Real Estate are opened to a wide range of choices in the new and recent real estate programs in IRS type investment schemes, RES or PDS .

A recent law has been passed to allow foreigners to purchase apartments in at least 2-storey residences, which have been to be built on freehold land.

The Mauritian lifestyle is reflected and shown by a modern and luxurious architectural expertise.

The developers of the new PDS schemes in Mauritius input all their efforts in their work to provide properties with taste and discipline and benefiting a set of user-friendly features and adapted to their environment.

Modern facilities come with solar energy generators, wastewater treatment, gymnasium, and spa and in certain case, commercial centers, modern restaurants, luxurious pools and many facilities for outdoor activities.

The Mauritian government is very demanding about the developers of PDS programs and obliges them to comply with strict regulations regarding the quality of work done.

One can benefit from a pleasant tropical climate all year round, political stability, favorable laws for foreign investment, low taxation; flat tax of 15% for residents, no inheritance tax, no tax on capital gain and affordable prices.

The quality of the prestigious properties in Mauritius explains why there are thousands of foreign investors.

In conclusion, the Mauritius Real Estate market is ‘go-ahead’.

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