Tamarin is a charming village located on the west coast of Mauritius, its coast bathes on the bay of Tamarin.

Former fishing village, Tamarin has become a recognized tourist destination.

It is especially popular with surfers and Kit-surfer.

You can access it from the North from Port Louis via Bambou then you will find on the road on the right the shopping center "Cascavelle" and its many shops ... You could also access it from Port Louis (M20) via Phoenix and then you leader on the new road of Flic en Flac.

This village is relatively well served ... It was especially recognized through the creation of the 1st Integrated Resort Scheme IRS Tamarina which had a great deal of success right out of the box by offering new buyers a Permanent Resident Permit in Mauritius.

This village is also known for its salt formations (SALAR).

The whole of this area is in constant development with various real estate programs like the Property Development Scheme (PDS) Akasha composed of magnificent prestigious villas where still the new Smart city of Tamarin "Cap Tamarin" composed of apartments, villas and shops.

Until a few years ago, investors were mainly South Africans but the French are back on the road to get house for sale. Now, it is an easy go to get a basic home, a villa or even an apartment for sale in Tamarin through online real estate portals.

Many restaurants and bars line the main road ... you will find The "Big Willys", catering and concerts organized on weekends make it a favorite place for Mauritian youth as well as for tourists.

For facilities and amenities, you will find the London Way supermarket and Le Ruisseau Creole shopping center located on the main road coming out of Tamarin towards Black River.

You will find a lot of new real estate projects in the area of ​​Tamarin and Black River, for all requests for additional information on properties for sale or rent, do not hesitate to contact us: contact@ayo.world