Beau Champs is a small village and is located on the east coast of Mauritius facing deer island.

This municipality is home to the marvellous IRS (Integrated Resort Scheme) Anahita real estate programme, which benefits from a few local shops on Belgath Square, a marina and above all one of the most luxurious hotel chains, the Four season***** hotel.

You will find prestigious apartments and villas for sale or rent in IRS Anahita.

Beau Champ and the surrounding villages are typical Mauritian villages, shopping malls, restaurants and bars are not "legions".

This region is little developed and remains "wild". The easterly winds blow on these coasts almost 6 months a year.

However, ongoing projects will certainly change the course of events such as the new Smart City* which will be built not far from the airport area of Mahébourg.

"Work, Live and Play" and the Smart City will soon be the new investment scheme proposed by the Board of Investment (BOI) of Mauritius located in the capital city of Port Louis to create, promote and develop a better living and working environment in Mauritius while contributing to the improvement and economic development of Mauritius and, of course, to promote international trade and this financial centre which represents sector No. 1 in Mauritius tourism.

The Mauritian government has therefore recently set up a special regime that will complement the Property Development Scheme (PDS), the Smart City Scheme (SCS) in order to provide an easy and conducive framework as well as numerous and incredible tax and non-tax incentives to local and foreign investors for the development of smart cities across the island.

Working, living in a safe, resolutely modern, practical and pleasant environment is the overall vision that the Mauritian government wishes to give to the new concept of the Smart city.

These ecological and intelligent cities will have to integrate a commercial zone (offices, industrial parks, shops, etc...) but also a residential zone (villas, apartments, duplexes, affordable houses, shopping centres, educational and medical centers), all these real estates will be available for sale but also for rent.

There will of course be a large number of leisure activities for visitors and residents (recreation centres, hotels and restaurants, tourist attractions).

The components of these cities will be high-tech materials and while implementing a construction that will be environmentally friendly with maximum control of global and individual energy consumption and recycling.

For local and foreign investors who wish to invest in the development of an energy efficient and intelligent city will be exempted from various taxes such as the payment of income taxes, value added tax, customs declarations, land transfer taxes and registration and other taxes.

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